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Newick Community Response Letter 8 – 14.5.20

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Letter from John Samson re Defibrulators in Newick 2.4.20

Map showing placement of Defibrulators in Newick

Newick Community Response Letter 1.4.20



Due to the ongoing concerns around Covid-19 we would ask that if you are showing a high temperature or cold/flu like symptoms, that you consider contacting the pastoral team so that we may check in on you, pray for you, and assist where needed.

As many of our congregation fall into the vulnerable category identified by the health agency, we would also ask that, should you be exhibiting the above symptoms, you consider whether it is appropriate to attend our main services or larger gatherings.

We must remember that although we may feel that common cold symptoms are manageable and passing, the effects of this may lower the immune system of others.

The most important thing to remember in the coming weeks is that isolation could carry many negative feelings.

Isolation and loneliness occur when we react negatively to the environments we are in and our surroundings. You can be in a room full of people and feel completely alone – isolation is an internal feeling. If you find yourself or a family member in this situation please remember the old advert from British Telecom “it’s good to talk”

Please, pick up the phone and talk to someone about how you are feeling.


In Need of financial support – THE NEWICK TRUST exists to show a hand of friendship in times of need. If anyone finds themselves in financial difficulty over the next few weeks/ months, please get in touch via Geoff Clinton on 01825 722512 – the fund can give assistance towards groceries or coal and put small amounts on heating bills

Newick Trust