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Newick Parish News – January 2023
Newick Parish News – December 2022

Newick Parish News – Your Community Magazine

We want to hear from you to help us make this Magazine what you want to read:

What’s going on that you would like to hear more about?
What are the clubs and societies up to?
Photo’s – send us your photos with date/time location and a caption.
Artists – do you have any drawings you have done?
Babies – any new born babies who we would like to welcome
Marriages – Any weddings to be announced
Funerals –  Would you like to share a memory of someone?
Are there any budding journalist (ANY AGE) who would like to write an article that is of interest to the village? 

Please email with your ideas or contributions.  Deadline 7th of the month

Moving to colour and a larger distribution raised environmental concerns. We thought you would be pleased to hear that Newick Parish News is printed on paper from a Forest Stewardship Council accredited sustainable forestry which is being managed in a way which preserves biological diversity and benefits the lives of local people and workers.  The ink used in printing this magazine is vegetable based. The printing plates are chemical free and no developer or fix is required. The used printing plates as well as off-cut paper are all recycled.