19th September 2021
12th September 2021


Gardening Day

Our next garden day will be in the Churchyard on Saturday 16th October from 9 a.m.  Coffee can cake to start the day, and a light lunch to follow at mid-day.  We shall be planting bulbs, clearing our paths and generally sprucing up our Churchyard to be the best that it can be.  All welcome!  It is as much a social gathering as much as a gardening effort, so if you can’t garden, come anyway to encourage those who can and to be part of our happy and enjoyable get-together.

Men’s Supper

Men’s Supper

We shall  be meeting again for the first time since the wee virus rudely interrupted us on Friday 26 November in the Barn Centre.  Please keep the date!.  Full details will be in the November issue of the magazine.

Prayer in our Congregation

Prayer is a vital part of our individual and congregational Christian life.  We must do all we can to nurture and develop our prayer life.

Our Rector, Rev Paul Mundy has written some very helpful contributions on how he prays, and how we might pray, over the past several weeks in this newsletter.  More to come!

PCC will have prayer as an agenda item at all its meetings in future.  Audrey Ford will lead that item, with the full support of our Rector Rev Paul Mundy.  As Paul remarks, Audrey is a “Mighty Prayer Warrior” who prays about everything, all the time.

For the latest East Sussex Covid Vaccination newsletter please click the link below.

for the latest publication click here

Book a vaccination – NHS

Book or manage your coronavirus Vaccination HERE

Lady Vernon Trust

Grants for Children / Young People up to the age of 25 years living in the Parish of Newick


Grants for Children/Young People up to that age of 25 years and living in the Parish of Newick.

For those considering whether to request a grant for educational purposes from the above Trust please submit an application by September 30th 2021 to Mrs. Linda Farmer Clerk/Trustee to the Lady Vernon Trust 7 Oldaker Road, Newick, Lewes East Sussex BN8 4LN or email

The next meeting of the Trust will be held in October.

Applications should be submitted by letter or email to:-

Mrs. Linda Farmer Clerk / Trustee to the Lady Vernon Trust, 7 Oldaker Road, Newick, Lewes East Sussex BN8 4LN or
Phone 01825 722061



You can make a donation by clicking on this link.

 Leprosy Changemaker Website

Scam emails and Phone calls

As we all know scam telephone calls and emails are becoming an increasing problem but these appear to have intensified over the past few weeks.  We all need to be on our guard as they are becoming more sophisticated but the bottom line is that they are after your money.  Please be extra careful when replying to emails purporting to be from a friend. Check the email address and never give out your bank details or personal information.

Below are a couple of links to government website that highlight what to be aware of.

Licensing of Rev’d. Paul Mundy, 11th November 2020


What3words is a geocode system for the communication of locations with a resolution of three metres. What3words encodes geographic coordinates into three dictionary words; the encoding is permanently fixed.

For example, St Mary’s Church Newick  is located with ///rehearsal.caressed.tweed

Foodbank Donations

As a Church, we support FSW, the Family support charity helping children and families in Sussex.

Our particular support is giving food – cans, pasta etc to the Uckfield branch of FSW to distribute through their food bank.  The current Covid pandemic is causing a sharp increase in the demands on the foodbank – there is real suffering, hurt and hardship out there.

Ron and June Perou collect donations in the porch at the Church each Sunday and deliver them to the food bank.

If you have a chance to pick up an extra item at the supermarket or are able to add an additional item to your online delivery please be assured that they will be very gratefully received.

A lot of small donations make a big difference

Collecting for the homeless

I will once again be collecting for the homeless this coming winter. Warm winter clothes please. Coats, shoes, boots, trousers, jumpers, underwear. Ladies toiletries needed. Tents, sleeping bags, roll mats.
Sorry but no duvets or blankets for the homeless.
However the dogs home will welcome these! So can be left with me!
Thank you for your support we made a big difference last year.

Sylvia Chapman 
8 Leveller End Newick 

Good Neighbours

Following the support given through the pandemic via Newick Community Response, there is now a permanent group of volunteers set up via Newick Good Neighbours, who will be there to continue to support those in the community who need help with shopping, prescription collections and so on.  If you need a little help please contact or Phone: 07933 096033