Outward Giving

The ‘Outward Giving Group’ is responsible to the PCC for organising specific charitable giving.  Each charity is separately sponsored by members of the congregation and invited annually to speak about its work at morning service.  During 2019 the Group transferred £4000 from the PCC into a new Links International account, to be divided between Katy Barnwell of Wycliffe Bible Translators, The Leprosy Mission, The Bevern Trust, Family Support Work and Links International, including also support to La Guijara in Northern Columbia.  An additional £1,700 was then raised for the Leprosy mission from a congregation gift day which was doubled by Government matched funding, a further £400 was raised for the Kwambegi Regeneration Foundation for Camp Jabez in Kenya and over £1,000 additionally for the Bevern Trust.

Bevern Trust
Wycliffe Bible Translators
Links International
The Leprosy Mission
Family Support Work
The Farming Community Network